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We offer good quality training equipment for your furry friends. Shop our credible selection today. If you have any questions about our products, we would gladly help you answer all your questions.

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It is embarrasing having to walk with an uncultured canine that bark at every one then leads you to dirty bins. An untrain dog would create all sorts of trouble, and as you know there are cosequences. You may go to the extend of loosing your dog simply because it never understood the word “sit.” It is therefore essential to train your dog with the help of Dog Training Equipment which has ready market for you. The training process requires patience and Consistency which should be follow with treats that dogs can use to associate with positive behavior.

 Below are some of the common dog training equipment that should help you tame your Furry:

Clickers: A clicker is a tool that produces a click sound which comes in variety Designs,  color, and shapes.  Clicker training is used to help your furry friend associate good behavior simply with the click of a sound, which should be followed by a dog treat. This clicker can be handheld since most come with wrist straps while some come together with dog leashes. The sounds produced vary in to help associate your Pooch.

Collars: Collars are pieces of equipment used to reinforce positive behavior on your furry friends. The innate behavior of dogs may tend to take over and it may be difficult to restrain your dog. The modern collar produces a shock which helps the dog retrace or restrains from doing something wrong. Hence,  having a collar keeps them on track and serves as a reminder to act right. There are many designs to choose from, depending on the breed and size of your furry pet.

Long Lines: These are extended versions of leashes which gives a dog more freedom to move. The long line can be used in place of the leashes during training to allow  your pet to explor and exercise more sense like scent detection.  This product could be made of rope or leash and should be 10 to 50 foot of length. It works for dogs that have trained and understand the response cues. It also helps to control its movements while learning the cues giving it the notion it’s free when its not.