2nd Set of Before and After Dog Adoption Photos

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  1. Little Chihuahua

This little Chihuahua life looked bleak at one point, so much that he often spent countless hours staring at walls, with the hope that one day he would be rescued. Well guess What? That day finally arrived! You can see the obvious changes that little chihuahua made once he was adopted by his new family.

2. Brown and White Pooch

This brown and white pooch must’ve spent a lot of time scavenging for scraps of food out of garbage cans on the streets; she was so malnourished that you can even see her spine and rib cage. Clearly getting adopted was the best thing to ever happen to her! Just look how she’s gotten up to a healthy weight.

3. Wrinkle Puppy

Wrinkle puppy was obviously suffering from a case of mange when he first arrived at the animal shelter. He waited for several months on the shelter for someone to provide him with love and a new home. Once he was adopted, he became much healthier and vibrant. Way to go Dog!!! You deserve it.

4. Mav the cuttie

A new life has been given to Mav the cutie, he was abused and neglected 6 months ago. Look at his before and after photo, you can tell, his mama loves him. 

5. Barky

What a Champion Post! Look at me, “thank you for giving me a second chance