5 Interesting Facts About Dogs in General

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Do you think that you know everything when it comes to dog? You might want to think again, because as I was browsing and researching about dogs, I came across some interesting facts that I didn’t know, and it was quite surprising.

1. Dogs do have a sense of time. According to some research, dogs do have a sense of time, for example, the difference between 1hour versus 5 hours. Dog don’t just live in the now as many people believe this to be true.

2. Did you know that dogs are smart as a 2 year old? This could explain why many 2 or 3 years old have a better connections with dogs at that early stage in life. Like babies, dogs have the ability to learn up to 250 words just like 2 year old baby.

3. Here is another interesting fact about our furry friends, according to research, dogs can become jealous of the owner. When the owner focus their attention on other species, they will show their jealousy in the way they give more attention and intrude in the owner’s personal space. 

4 Most of us know or have heard that statement, Dogs are a man’s best friend. There might be a reason why according to some research, by petting a dog and gazing into their eyes releases oxytocin (Love Hormone).. Which gives us the ability to connect with each other.

5. Now this is an interesting story, not only dogs have a concept of time in their own mind, but stray dogs in Russia are able to learn how to ride the complex subway system and get off at a specific location just get food. 

6. Here another very interesting and informative piece of work called, What Fitto Tries To Tell You? 100 Dog Behaviors You Must know, This article elaborates in some detail why your pooch acts in different ways, which I found very fascinating; and by the way, it answers some questions I have always asked myself. Like for example, do dogs actually pay attention when they watch tv?