A Lesson Learned While Training My Dog

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I started training my dog Tito couple months ago, Yorkshire Terrier, after five years of having him at home. I honestly thought that just by having a dog at home, I would only need food, water, and a couple of toys to play with, and life will be good. Honestly, that was my thinking back then, until I discovered that ugly truth of how my dog perceived me. Ugly truth..I started training with my dog a couple months ago, and I honestly can say, there is a huge difference in how my dog behaved compared to now. 

I struggled for a while when it comes to walking properly, and walking on a leash because I thought every leash is the same. One little change I had to make is the type of leash I was using. After seeing this video, which explains the reasons why not use certain leashes made a world of difference in how your dog will learned. 

I was using a retractable leash to teach my dog obedience, I thought is a normal leash, but watching this video made me understand what was I doing wrong and not getting the results I wanted. 

I like this video because it addresses the issues I was having training my dog, and I thought the dog was not learning what I was trying to teach him. Unfortunately, I was the problem…Ugly truth. 

Another reason why I like this video is because he is showing you what is the best way and the not so good way, to train with your dog with the proper leash as he explains what he is doing.

So using a 4 Feet leather leash is more valuable to use when training your dog for obedience due to the fact that you have more control. More importantly, the dog knows exactly his position on what to do instead of being confused. Hence, I was confusing my dog specially when I was trained walking my dog.