A Man Slaughter his Own Dog and Buried Him In His Backyard

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Here is an article that talks about a Melrose man, accused of beating and killing his dog to death and to make matters worse, he buried his dog in his backyard. 

I would definitely say this is animal cruelty, and even though this dog is not a human, we all well know that dog do have feelings, and they do understand and have a perception of when something wrong will happen to them. This is similar to humans, we are able to detect any danger coming our way. 

The article does not articulate the reasons why this subject decided to struck his dog multiple times on his head which killed the animal instantly. I would think that reasons would play a vital role as to whether the man had a legitimate reason as to why he slaughter that dog. I just have a problem of how he went about killing the dog in an inhumane way which is against the Massachusett law. 

In 1836, the Massachusetts Legislature enacted a law providing for up to one year incarceration for cruelly beating or torturing any animal. In 2004, the Massachusetts Legislature made animal cruelty a felony punishable by up to five years imprisonment. If the man is found guilty of this charge, he will definitely go to prison for a maximum of 5 years. Now some people may or may not agree with this law. I personally believe it should at least 10 years imprisonment  making the consequences a bit tougher in order to make people think twice before actually killing animals. 

I just want to know what people think about this incident, do you agree with the punishment this man will receive if found guilty, why? If not, what do you think the punishment should be in order for the punishment to fit the crime done? And just maybe just reasons for your thinking.

Here is the full article for you to read it.