Does Your Dog Shows Weird Tendencies?

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This is a funny story I came across while browsing through the internet. On his article Slate, Nick Greene describes a hilarious habit his dog has in going between men’s legs and stare at them. If this happens to me the first time, I wouldn’t pay much attention to this, laugh at the dog and pet him. 

The story continues with his dog doing the same thing to his son, which by the way, the son thinks this is funny and hilarious. However, the story gets even funnier, and for some might be worst. Nick was at an event with his dog, and he was talking to a man from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals when all of a sudden his dog walked in between the men’s legs and stood there. I personally think have certain weird behaviors depending on the type of dog. 

This story reminds me of my dog, a Yorkshire Terrier named Lucy. She is an amazing dog and well mannered. However, she has a bad habit of her own, whenever I sit on my couch for the rest of the evening, I slouch and she will immediately come and play with my feet, she would rub herself all over my legs with excitement for a good 5 minutes, even more if I’d let her. Here is the funny part, which I think it’s funny, she has done the same thing to a buddy of mine as well. She only does it to myself and my buddy of men but not women. 

To those of you who are dog owners, do you guys have similar experiences with your pets having weird tendencies? If so, please share them, I would love to read them and just have a good laugh at least I would know that Nick and I are not alone.

My Dog Keeps Shoving His Head Between Men’s Legs