Essential Dog Training Products Needed For Dog Training

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Maybe some of you have wondered what are the most essential dog training equipment that you must have when having a brand new dog or a puppy. In fact, there are some training equipment that are a must if you want to own or have a new dog. Like I have mentioned in my previous blogs, I owned a dog for five years and I started formal training with my dog Tito this year and during the time we have trained together, I learned that there are essential training tools that I must have, I am not saying you have to buy them, but If you want to see or eventually have a healthy and well trained dog, those tools will be worth it in the long run.

Here are some essentials tools that I have learned will help you having a healthy and well mannered dog:

1. The Harness

I have owned leashes with my dogs because my wife when she first bought our dog Lucy, she knew about dogs and she really did a good job training Lucy and one of her tools was a dog leash. When I started training Tito, Lucy’s son, he likes to constantly pulls and bites the leash because he wants to run away. One tip I have learned, is to buy a dog’s harness, the harness will not necessarily help you with the dog’s training behavior, but it will help you with preventing dog’s neck injuries, or dog choking, or like my tito gasping for air. I sometimes have concerns when walking my dogs because of their breathing while walking but now I learned a way to alleviate that problem.

2. Dog Training Treats

Purina Beggin Strips Dog Training Treats

 The article, 7 Best Dog Training Products Professional swear by, talks about dog treats are essential. I know some dog owners don’t have or believe in dog treats. However, I must say, I agree with what the writer of the article. Here is why, when I trained tito in my house everything seemed good and smooth. Everytime I trained with him, he seemed to listen to my commands and act accordingly. When I started to train outside of the house, for example, I sometimes take him to walk inside a store teach him some basic commands with more distractions. Guess what happens, Tito does not want to listen to my commands because he is easily distracted. What helps me reeled him in, is that delicious dog’s treats.

3. Tug Toys & Fetch Toys

Another essential dog training product that will serve you well, if you plan to have a dog is a Tug Toys & Fetch Toys. The is one of the first items that my wife bought when she got Lucy as a puppy. In retrospect, those tug toys saved us a lot of hassles and even money because that helped Lucy focus her attention on that toy instead of biting our couch, shoes, walls…you name it. Well, There were a few times when Lucy was caught biting my wife’s shoes or flip flops. 

4. Dog Leash

Wishnice 6Ft Dog Zero Shock Training Leash

Last but not least, a dog training leash is a very vital training tool that will help you in many ways to teach commands and of course adjust your dog’s behavior. I am proof that dog leashes do actually work in training your dog when you do the work in a consistent manner. Someone may say, What type of leash should I first Invest in first? The answer is in a 4 to 6 Foot Dog Absorbing Training Leash. It will save you many hassles and frustrations, trust me when I say this, I first had a recall leash, if you know those are the leashes that can extend so far away, and that is not good for setting boundaries with your dog because it will create more confusion that anything else, specially when you first are trying to train your puppy or adult dog for that matter.