How to Properly Use E-Collars With Your Dog

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Over the months that I have been learning about dog training, dog behavior, and dog obedience I have found out that there are different opinions out there in regards to what are the best training techniques, or training equipment out there for dogs. One training equipment in particular is the Dog e-collar training device. This training device has so much controversy, it is the most used training device out there, and also the most misunderstood and misused device across the board. 

What most people or people who become dog owners tend to do when they have a new puppy is to see what are the most efficient ways to train their dog, or better yet, they want to learn how to correct the dog’s bad behavior the fastest way possible using certain tools I think,  in my personal opinion, based on what I have researched so far, every dog owner must either learn how to properly train their dog or have a dog trainer train the dog the conventional way meaning using voice command, dog training leash, positive reinforcement along with some great treats…and go through the process and being patient with your dog until he or she learns what you are trying to teach them. 

I said this because I was that dog owner, just ignoring your dog and postponing the training will NOT make things better. I had to learn it the hard way. Like I mentioned in my previous blogs, it took my five years to actually get my butt off the couch and train Tito the right way. With that said, when using an e-collar to train your dog, it should only be used to help the dog associate the stimulation that will feel when pressing the e-collar button and the voice commands along with treats. In the video below, Larry Krohn really goes into detail about teaching dog owners and dog trainers when to use the e-collar, and it is not meant to teach obedience, correct behavior none of that stuff. I said again, the e-collars is meant to teach your dog how to associate the stimulation he will feel, bare minimum, with the voice commands you give him or her along with some dog training treats. 

What I also like about this video is that Larry Krohn provides you with a plethora of different commands on how to properly use the e-collar in combination with the right markers, and also the good old dog Treats, when to give the command with dog treats, and when to give the command without the dog treats all in synch with the main focus of making sure the dog understand the connection between the stimulation and the command given.

One last thing about the video, Larry explains why the e-collars in today’s society has a bad reputation, and in my eyes he conveys a message that we the dog trainers, dog owners unintentionally created this bad image about this particular tool, Dog e-collar, by using the tool or not knowing how to use the tool at the right time and place and as a consequence our dogs are mistreated thought he process, which I don’t think that this was the purpose to begin with.