Inspiring Dog Story for Dog Lovers

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It’s interesting to see how someone’s calling in life can be from something or a situation that you are not expecting but presents itself during tough times. You get accustomed to a certain lifestyle or a career for many years but afterwards, it does not fulfill you anymore and you feel an emptiness from what you are doing. Sherri Franklin has an inspiring story and how she became an entrepreneur for a social enterprise company called Muttville rescuing senior dogs from being euthanized, $4 million dollar company today.

This story is truly inspiring for me personally because I have been in a position or job where it no longer fulfills me. Even though I am serving my nation to keep this country safe, what I do on a daily basis is no longer something I look forward to doing. Sherri felt the same way after years of having her own beauty salon to make gals and guys look pretty and handsome, but one day she decided that what she was doing was no longer providing her happiness, so she decided to change her life and move from Aspen, Colorado to San Francisco, California for a new life. 

When she moved to San Francisco, California she started to volunteer at the SPCA to work with dogs because that is something she wanted as a little girl but could never have as a child. When she met a lovely wonderful dog named Heidi that changed her life and found her life calling ever since. I had a similar experience early this year, where I had to make some tough decisions, and I knew that I no longer wanted to keep living a life without a purpose and just work for the sake of working. During this time, an opportunity came my way of learning how to provide dog training equipment to dog owners, an online company that I’ve been building for the past couple of months because I know my time serving my country is coming to an end soon. 

Sherri had been taking care of her dog Heidi for a while, when one day, she went to the dog shelter after work and the dog was no longer there. At first she thought that dog was adopted, but in reality, Heidi was euthanized the night before. From that moment, she knew her calling was to live her life rescuing senior dogs over the age of 7 because according to research, dogs over 7 are no longer adoptable. Sherri currently has a huge network of supporters and volunteers who have shared her same vision of rescuing senior dogs from euthenazia. 

As far my role, I know dogs are being rescued and placed in loving homes and the need for dog training and keeping your dog in good health is paramount today more than ever before. For that reason, I’ve been building my online business to provide dog owners with the right tools and equipment to train their dogs and live a happy life.

You can click the link below and read the full inspiring story of Sherri Franklin.

An old dog named Heidi captured Sherri Franklin’s heart.