Meet My New Friend Chato

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I hope you all are enjoying your President’s Day weekend with your loved ones. This weekend I spent it with a cousin I haven’t seen for more than 20 years. First of all because he moved from the west coast to the east back in the 90’s. Secondly, I have been traveling with the military around the globe for the past 16 years so we both had our own lives. 

I recently came to Columbia, South Carolina for a 5 weeks military course and when I first arrived here, I posted a Facebook message saying, Hello from South Carolina. He immediately replied to my message and said, “Hey cousin what part of SC are you at? To make the story short, he lives 20 minutes away from where I am staying and we were able to meet and reunite this past weekend and catch up on things and family. 

Today’s post is not about my cousin however, but about one little friend I met today named chato. He is a 4 month old mix Pitbull with some other breed that I couldn’t figure out. When my cousin took me back to his yard, I immediately saw chato on a leash tied to his dog house that was surrounded with a fence that was the dog house height level. When he took chato inside the dog house, I immediately saw the things that little chato needed in order to be a well-trained and behave dog. 

Because of the training I myself have been doing with my dog and the research as well, I was confident enough to talk to my cousin about what chato needs in order to avoid certain behaviors that he currently is displaying. I had a boost of confidence to actually walk my cousin through some of the basic habits that chato needs in order for him not to be so antsy and jumpy inside the house. I also mentioned that dogs like structure in their lives, and by not providing the right training and play time for chato, he would create lots of chaos in chato’s world. 

I even went on to say that chato is in his prime age to be well trained and become a great well behaved dog so that he can actually take him inside the house and not experience the negative behaviors, and enjoy a better chato in the future. Here is the best part of this, my cousin was open and very receptive to the information I conveyed about the importance of chato’s training that he mentioned to his wife, at dinner time, what I had done with chato in just 30 minutes of interacting with him and how chato behaved afterwards, was awesome to see.