My Dog Tito’s Story

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If you have read my blogs, you know of my dog Tito. He is a Yorkshire Terrier born in Vicenza, Italy in 2014. It is a very funny story,  as a matter of factly how Tito was whelp. During that time, mind you, my mindset was not to have any additional dogs other than Lucy in our house. So one day after coming home from work, my wife greeted me at the door, which was unusual by the way, and said, “Hi, we are expecting” I also was not expecting nor did I wanted any kids since we were just newly wed. 

You can imagine the face I made when I first heard those words coming home from work. I said, no way, really? Then my wife said, “Not me, Lucy is expecting. Well, my wife knew that I did not want other dogs in the house and of course she was thinking all day about how to deliver the message to me. Needless to say, the story was that my wife was walking to one of her friend’s house around the corner. When she arrived, she walked by the backyard, on the one hand she had Lucy on the leash and the other she had our daughter. She stopped by the door gate to greet her friend’s dog, another yorkie as well. He was behind the gate, and the door was closed. 

My wife turned her back towards the dog, to face our daughter to zipped her jacket, and it only took not even 5 seconds, when her friend’s dog jumped or squeezed between the fence poles and started to hump our dog Lucy, which by the way I forgot to mention that Lucy was on heat during that time. The funny part was that neither my wife not her friend were able to take Lucy and the other dog apart from each other, and lots of kids from around the neighborhood asking…What are those dogs doing?  So they let them finished doing their business. 

When Tito whelp on Memorial Day 2014, I was present to witness his birth, I suddenly had a change of heart and decided to keep Tito with his mom being that he was the only puppy she gave birth to that day. And guess what? I have not regret one moment my decision to keep Tito with the family and especially with his mom Lucy. 

Tito is a delightful prized companion. He is also a suitable pet because he has a calm temperament as well as a loving spirited pooch. Additionally, he is a small animal, mid size dog, and he can be playful as well. While other terriers, such as rat terriers, are more suited to chase pests, terriers can be dressed up and paraded around. My Tito has an interesting mix of feisty and needing of attention, and he wants to cuddle, it is cuddle time.

While I was thinking about what to write, Tito came and laid next to me which gave me the idea of writing about how Tito became part of the family.