My Favorite 5 Dog Adoptions

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  1. Little G

This is Little G you see in the picture, after an unfortunate accident, he was turned over to a shelter. As a result of his accident, his front right leg had to be amputated. Fortunately after several months in recovery at the shelter, Naiden fostered the adorable little Chihuahua and ever since he has been used to aid other dogs and their recovery as well.

2. Buttercup

 Buttercup was left at a kill shelter to die six years after being rescued from a shelter. This is so unfortunate what happens to these adorable dogs. However, great things always happen because TAF rescued her, treated her infection and put her up for adoption. A few months later, a family with two children who have autism adopted Buttercup. Here is what one of the family members had to say about Buttercup, “She loves them and has provided them with comfort and stability in return for an awesome home”.

3. Whimsey

  I think for me this would be the last thing I want to see a dog afraid and timid sitting in the corner afraid of human interaction. Like Whimsey, she was found cowered in the corner of a cage. She was diagnosed with a respiratory problem but was treated in a timely manner and was also spayed. Shortly afterwards, she was taken in by a couple who had fallen in love with her sweet face. It makes me feel good and happy when I see the after adoption pictures and see how well they end up after their great recovery.

4. Bravo

Bravo was found lying in a cage at an open-access shelter. “He was in pain and had given up on life,” Naiden described. He was hours from being euthanized. TAF rescued him, only to discover he had infections, along with missing and cracked teeth. “Even though we knew it was a long shot, we wanted to give Bravo every chance possible to make it,” Naiden wrote. Luckily, he made a recovery and was adopted.

5. Red

I know the unpleasant feeling of “shaking uncontrollably”, just like little Red was found cowering and shaking uncontrollably in a shelter cage. For being a dog he was obese and unable to stand or sit. But with the help of TAF, little Red met his new awesome mom and lived happily ever after.