My Next Favorite Five Dog Adoptions

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  1. Dice

In early November, Dice was found locked up in a cage abandoned and left to die in misery. She was taken to a dog shelter, Feeling Fine Canine and Equine Rescue where they provided her with treatment immediately. When she arrived at the shelter she weighed 30lbs and now weighs twice as much. 

Dice is an amazing dog and now he is thriving and having the best time of his life.

2. Penny

Penny went from being a seven pound baby who was afraid to go outside to a loving, healthy dog. Just imagine how lonely she felt all those months in that cage waiting to be rescued, feeling like a prisoner. But now you can see the difference in her demeanor and how happy and euphoric she looks.

3.  Piglet

My Ex Worked At The Spca And Refused To Let This Piglet Be Euthanized, So She Took Him Home. She Did An Amazing Job.

4. Wynter

The Dog Wynter – From Living In The Streets To Relaxing In My Backyard. 

5.  Yoshi

Yoshi went from being a fearful 43-pound pup to an energetic, 57-pound good boy.