My Training Progress with Tito

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In one of my previous blogs, I mentioned that I started training with my dog Tito. I started with regular basic commands such as sit, down, stay, wait and other commands that you start with as a beginner. I signed up for a 6 week course for the first time, so essentially it was a first time for my dog as well and it was a great experience to go through together. After a while, I noticed Tito was more intune with me and always looking to see what commands I was going to give him. At home, he would listen to my commands, and of course I started with treats and eventually lessen the treats over time, and I noticed how he changed.

Every week during training I provided feedback to my dog trainer on what happened during our week of training at home. The more treats I gave him,  Tito more than comply with my commands, he got to the point where he anticipated my commands. For example, my routine was, sit, down, and stay. So eventually when I said sit, he would skip sit all together and go straight to down. At first I didn’t know how to take that whether it was a good or bad thing in terms of training a dog. I learned that the same way we as humans get bored doing the same thing over and over, Tito got to the point where he knew what was coming and got bored and skips some commands.


I started to change my training whether inside the house or in my backyard. I switched up the commands, and somewhat kept my dog guessing on what commands I would give him. Initially he resisted but with the good old dog goodies, he learned to comply with my commands. Everything seems to be great with Tito and I until I started training with him outside the house. Not to mention when I take him for walks, for some odd reason, he does not want to listen to my commands. The one command I mostly have problems with is the command Tito, when he hears me call his name, he should immediately look at me. Every time I walk with him I call on him just to see if he still knows the command of Tito, but unfortunately it seems to fail outside the house.

This is the point of friction because I am not sure if I am doing the right thing at the right moment meaning whether is right to train him during walks or train outside separately without walks. He also decides not to listen to other commands as well once in a while. I know he can listen well because he has done it in the past or while training at home. Being that I am a novice in training dogs, this is a new set of challenges I need to overcome and learn how to proceed with Tito’s training.

One other training I started to do is to take Tito to several stores three times a week to train with him on the command Place. He walks with me on my left side with a leash, and I take him through several isles and stop to look at things. When I stop he learned how to sit right next to me while I look at things inside the store. It has not been easy because even though I tell him Place, he sometimes gives me the stare look like, “You want me to sit again?” When he refuses, I put my hand above his face like if I have a treat, and he would immediately sit. Nonetheless, he is learning to stay still in the middle of constant distractions whereas before he would pull on the leash just to get away. I am proud of Tito on how much progress he has made during these past three months.