NE inmate dog-training program 15 years of success

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What a great story I came across about  how the Nebraska State Penitentiary partner up with with local organization called, Second Chance Pup, their main mission is to help with the overwhelming problem of unwanted and uncaring dogs in our communities to be trained and find a new home for them.

First of all, I don’t know the percentage of our local citizens who volunteer to work with shelters and other organizations to take care and train dogs. I would imagine the number of people who help is not so high. Secondly, organizations like, Second Chance Pup, and others have taken a different approach to help with the overwhelming problem of too many stray dogs in our communities by partnering up with the State penitentiaries to train their inmates with the skills necessary to train and rehabilitate dogs that can become adoptable for a new home. 

As the new articles describes it, it is a win-win situation for everyone involved in this operation. First, the second chance pup organization carefully selects what dogs will be trained by inmates for a period of nine weeks which means dogs are being taken care of, loved, and rehabilitated to be rehome once they complete their training. 

Second chance pups

Thirdly, as you can see in the above picture, Casey Callamore is an inmate of the NE Penitentiary who has volunteered for two years to train and rehabilitate dogs. In the process of doing of these two years, Casey himself have benefited from this program by becoming a better inmate and stayed out of trouble, and now has a purpose every single day, here is what he says, “To be in the dog program, you have to learn how to be responsible. Having a dog is like having a best friend with you all of the time. It’s that companionship that gives me a reason to smile every morning,” he says.

I think this is a great operation that has been going on for 15 years, and they are celebrating their 15th year of success. Their main mission of helping dogs is being accomplished with the help of inmates who also benefits from this program by gaining new skills, growing as a person each and everyday, and possibly learning how to reintegrate back into society which a great win for them.

Here is the whole story if you want to read it..Take a look!