Pet Professional Advocating for Reward-Based Training Across the Board

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I am not a dog trainer, and as I mentioned in my previous blogs, I started training my dog Tito couple months ago. For the most part, the training I do with Tito is reward-based training. I will admit that before I started training with my  dog, there were times he wouldn’t listen to my commands at all and I used negative-reinforcement technique for him to listen to me. For example, I take him out of the house in the hour porch, tito would see another dog, or people, he would run frantically to the dog or what not and not listen to my commands at all. 

My first reaction would be to get upset and I start yelling at my dog to come back, and when he didn’t listen, I would come to him and sometimes I would give him a little spanking. Obviously he listen and went running back to the house but with his tail between his legs. As time went by, I started to pay more attention and noticed that he was not at happy dog, just the way he looked and walked compared to his mother Lucy, she is energetic, always wants to play. 

The reason I brought this subject up on dog training, by no means I am an expert on this subject, but I would like to read both sides of the spectrum when it comes to dog training. The Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia along with Pet Professional Guild Australia have joined forces to promote the use of humane, positive reinforcement methods to Aussie dog owners and the dog training industry. These two organizations are advocating to cease negative-reinforcement on dog training and implement it with a pure reward-based training all across the dog training industry. 

Some dog trainers believe on negative-based trainers and they see results on their dogs, while other dog trainers used purely reward-based or positive-reinforcement training and they also see results. I only been training my dog for a couple of months and certainly don’t have much experience to say which training method is good or bad. 

I certainly welcome your thoughts and input on this subject as I would like soak your knowledge on this important matter. Here is the LINK to the articles that was published 12 November 2019