What Happens When You Stop Dog Training

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Well, since I am actually working from home for the next two weeks, I have decided to take the time and update you guys on my dog TIto. Last blog post I posted about how he came to be part of our family. I also blogged about the training I started with Tito last year around September 2019 which within two to three months of consisting training, I saw a huge positive change. 

I do want to mention that during my training with Tito, our dog trainer did mention that If I ever stop training with him, he would revert back to some extent to his old habits. Needless to say, that time did come, not by choice, but because of my job obligations and other commitments that pulled me away from home for a while. From the beginning of the year until early March I was basically absent and had no time to keep up with the training with Tito. 

In saying that, I would say that even though the 20 minutes training sessions with my pooch ceased for almost two months, his listening skills did not diminished as I thought it would. My wife and my daughter have had continually provided some partial training in order for him to maintain his listening skills, and I would say that has been the case. 

So now that I am teleworking for the next two weeks, or maybe even longer I’ve decided to re engage my dog training and see how well he can perform. To my surprise yesterday, after finishing eating dinner with the family, I took Tito to the back yard and did some training with him for about 20 minutes. And let me tell you, he remembered all the commands that he learned, except one. The one command he has a challenge with is the “down’ command. I’d tell him to sit and he would sit immediately, but when I tell him “down” he stares at me like a deer in the headlights, not knowing what to do. 

Therefore, I’ve decided to focus on two things while I am home these next couple days. First, is to reinforce the down command so he doesn’t look lost staring at me not knowing what to do or he just being stubborn and not wanting to go down. Secondly, I will focus on getting Tito to walk next to me when we go for long walks around the neighborhood, or walking in general. He tends to just do his thing if he is not on the leash, he would run across the street, he would go to people’s yard and pee on their nice flowers or bushes, and I am pretty much just tired of him not walking on my side. Hence that is my project to do with him during the next couple of days. 

To conclude, my next blog post will be about the progress of how Tito is doing when it comes to walking with me and what are the steps I took to making him walk on my side without a leash, that is my ultimate goal. So for now, until next time. Have a great weekend.