The Benefits of Using Recall Leashes

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When I started training my dog Tito, about three months ago, I took him with the leash and asked the dog trainer what can she do to help me train my dog. The first thing she said, “the leash you have on your dog is not the correct one when training dogs”. I had a 4ft recall leash on Tito,  he was all over the place, and even though he was on a leash, he was antsy wanting to go and roam all over the store and I was giving him lead way with the leash not knowing that what I was doing was teaching the wrong disciplines. 

In my thinking, I thought I was in control because my dog was on a leash, but it was quite the opposite, Tito was loving the freedom to do anything he wanted to because although he was in a leash, he was constantly pulled on the leash and I sometimes loosen it up to the max and he will still pull even more. Not knowing nothing about dog training, I was trying to teach my dog to walk along side of me but never could, whenever we walked with the leash he will stop and smell the surrounding areas and I stopped with him. However, not once before I started training, did I do recall training with him. Hence, he never listened to my command when I called him.

So, recall leashes are good, but with the right purposes and training it is a great tool to have when you want to teach your pooch to listen to your recall command. I learned to let me dog go far out on the leash, call his name, and gradually I pulled the leash back in so he can come to me. Once that was complete, I provided a treat for him. Now there are different size of recall leashes you can use, there are some that go as far as 20 Ft long or even longer.

Hi Kiss Dog Puppy Obedience Training Agility Lead-20ft Training Leash

Here is this 20 Foot Recall leash, I think this type of leash is good for just letting your dog go far out and roam around his surrounding areas and let him be free. While doing that, I like to call my dog back, just train him to listen to me when I call his name, if he doesn’t, then I gradually pulled the leash back until he understand my intent. 

This leash is perfect for walks in the park, open areas where there is just enough space to go all out, and just let your dog roam freely. Although he might be far from, you are still in control of the whole situation and a win/win for you and your pooch.