What a Great Way To Serve The Community

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Well hello everyone, it’s been a while since I made a blog post for my audience. I think the last time was round early spring when the COVID-19 pandemic hit us all. I hope everyone of my readers are in good health and bless to be alive today. WIth that said, I just wanted to give you guys an update on what has transpired over the last couple months and what we decided to do in the midst of the COVID-19, especially my wife and daughter. 

So my family and I sat down and huddled up for a talk to converse about how we can become utilitarian to our community in midst of the pandemic which affects us all. We came to an agreement that my 14 year old daughter and my wife would foster dogs for a couple reasons. First, since our daughter was going to be stuck at home isolated from her peers and friends, she would occupy her non-school time caring for her foster furry pups. Secondly, my wife would be useful and productive, volunteering her time to help the community by giving these wonderful dogs a better place for them to live. 

I would have to say that they have done tremendous work in working with the TARA organization since March 2020 with the ultimate goal of providing the best loving home for these wonderful pups they have fostered. Below are some of the wonderful rescue stories that I have personally witnessed and the wonderful job my wife, and daughter along with the TARA organization has provided to the community.

  1. Meet Kim

 Kim and her siblings were dumped in front of a trailer park after being miss treated and neglected. This puppy was only four month old when she was found and thanks to the sheriff’s department she found her way to her foster home. Initially she was extremely scared to the point where she wouldn’t stop shaking, and any chance Kim had she would hide especially from humans. When she arrived at the shelter, for the first few days Kim was very sad in her kennel. Her neck was so sore that she tried to bite her foster mom when she accidentally touched the spot, she had to learn that these are good human hands. Most importantly, she needed to learn how to trust again. While living in the shelter, Kim was treated for fleas/ticks and bitmarks. She learned that a harness and leash is something good, she was getting more open to new situations, she also learned what it meant to be a puppy again. After 3 weeks of rehabilitation she was able to meet her new family. She now lives with a family that shows her all the beautiful things in life and gave this little girl a warm loving safe spot to love.

2. Meet Hartley

Harley was rescued by animal control while her mother was tight up on a tree. She gave birth to Harley and her 6 siblings next to a tree where she was chained down. The people didn’t treat her puppies very well. As a result, Harley came to her foster family full of fleas and ticks. Her foster mom treated her, she trained with her to eat slowly, and to trust in humans again. After a rehabilitation time of only two weeks this girl met her forever family and has grown to a big beautiful confident puppy.

3. Meet Sophie

Sophie and her 6 siblings were found in a trash bag in a dumpster. The few days old puppies had to be fed with a bottle for several weeks and learn to be a dog without their mom. So after they finally ate dog food and were off the bottle they were sent to their foster families. Sophie was the runt and therefore really scared of everything, she had to learn how to become confident and enjoy her life, she stayed with her foster family for another 4 weeks, and the amazing thing is that she learned from their dogs how to be a dog for the first time. Sophie eventually met her forever family which was tricky since she was super shy and scared. The foster mom managed to have a meet and greet with a family that was willing to try. It all worked out. She now lives in a beautiful home with a Dog friend that could help her socialize. She will soon be trained to be a service dog for an autistic kid. The family that adopted her loves her very much. 

4. Meet Smokey

Smokey was found as a 4 month old stray. His whole body was covered in fleas. He was terrified when his foster mom first picked him up, and after a good flea and tick bath he received his own collar. From that moment on he knew he was safe, and even though he was very quiet and shy, Smokey quickly started enjoying the back yard and a comfy bed. He adapted to his new situations fairly quickly. Thanks to his very calm personality he found a perfect home with a sibling that also came out of the rescue. He now lives with a cat, another dog and a family of 4. They can’t imagine life without him. Shelter dogs are very grateful when rescued. He is the perfect example. 

My wife and daughter have aided the TARA organization fostered more than a dozen of these mistreated and fragile puppies ever since March of 2020.  However, the most important thing I’ve found to be awesome, is that while they are fostering these dogs, they enjoy and love every minute of it, and that makes them happy.