AMZPets Grey Large Dog training Clicker Treats Pouch- Dog Training Kit


AMZPets Grey Large Dog training Clicker Treats Pouch- Dog Training Kit

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  • AMZPets Grey Large Dog training Clicker Treats Pouch A COMPLETE PUPPY TRAINING SET

  •  4 MUST-HAVE ACCESSORIES FOR TRAINING YOUR NEW PUPPY– Can you use 4 simple but high-quality dog training tools in order to teach your furry friend dog basic commands in your leisure time such as tricks, potty training and many more. We understand that this might be overwhelming with your first puppy that is why included with this product is a FREE puppy training ebook with detailed guide!
  • DOG TRAINING CLICKER – Using clickers to train your puppies and young adults has been proven to be an effective safely and easily. Some of the training that can be accomplished such as basic obedience, tricks, signal to your dog when they perform to your standards or correct a bad behavior. This kit set comes with wrist straps to prevent them from being dropped. Large Button presses easily and comes right back up without getting stuck. Ideal sound balance – not too loud nor too soft.
  • DOG TRAINING TREAT POUCH WITH POOP BAG DISPENSER – One of the benefit of using this treat pouch is that you can put all your belongings such as phone, keys, wallet, and other valuables with your dog treats, kibbles and toys. Additionally, the training pouch came with a built-in poop bag dispenser to put all your waste bags and have them readily available to use when nature calls! Lastly, you can wear this training pouch around your waist, or even around your shoulders whatever feels comfortable to you during training time. Made of lightweight waterproof nylon fabric material that keeps your dog treats dry.
  • DOOR BELLS FOR POTTY HOUSETRAIN – Great news, your dog will tell you when nature calls so no more scratching & barking around the house when they need to go. With the AMZPets Grey Large Dog training Clicker Treats Pouch included are 6 loud dog training high-quality bells to aid you in potty training with your puppy which is a better approach in order to avoid barking & scratching in your home. Simply place them on your door’s handle and start training your dog. Adjustable height to fit all dog sizes.
  • SILENT ULTRASONIC WHISTLE FOR TEACHING TRICKS AND STOP BARKING – Easily teach your dog unlimited commands such as sit, come, stop barking, stay, and more, by using sequences that only he/she understand. Silver, lightweight silent bark control for dogs of all sizes and breeds. Comes with lanyard neck strap.

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