Dog & Field 30 Foot Exercise Dog Leash - Super Soft Braided Nylon


Dog & Field 30 Foot Exercise Dog Leash - Super Soft Braided Nylon


  • The Dog & Field 30 Foot Exercise Dog Leash is for Obedience Training or Exercise of Working Dogs or Pets

  • Our product is used by and recommended by top Professional Trainers and Behavior Specialist
  • The leash will provide more freedom for your dog and provide you with more control
  • It also provides an adjustment between 15 to 30 Ft by simply clipping to Built in O Ring
  • The trigger clip is well-builda long lasting for the dog’s collar.
  • Long leashes are often used as a tool for dog training porpuses. Long leashes can also provide your dog with off-leash freedom to wonder and explore where he/she pleases without any constraint, while safety first.
  • Our Dog & Field 30 Foot Exercise Dog Leash can provide the benefits above for your dog’s comfort and security.

Product description

The lead created by Dog and Field was designed primarily to help the dog handler. This training lead is a perfect tool for correctional work during training or for your dog to experience more latitude during their training. You will be able to train and work your dog at an ideal working distance whilst remaining in full control at all times. You will also be able to sit your dog at a distance between 15 to 30 feet and progressively guide them back towards you with the training lead used in conjunction with a training clicker. This lead can be also used as a regular leash; however, you can extend the lead further out in order for your dog to experience greater joy under your total control. Lastly, the lead can be used as a check cord out to 30 feet to help you reinforce the stop whistle. The training lead can be used as a lunge cord when training your dog to embrace their natural ability and allowing you to encourage your dog to work the ground across you at a chosen distance.

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