GROOVYPETS 650 Yard Remote Dog Training Shock Collar-Multiple Sizes

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GROOVYPETS 650 Yard Remote Dog Training Shock Collar-Multiple Sizes

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  • GROOVYPETS 650 Yard Remote Dog Training Shock Collar simple but effective training tool.

  • This incredible tool can aid you in teaching your furry friend different obedient commands and correcting bad behavior such as digging, jumping on people, chasing cars or other animals, it can also help you with controlling your dog’s excessive barking and a lot more. Simply push a button to get your dog under control.
  • Train 1 or 2 dogs individually or 2 Simultaneously- this particular device has an easy to use rechargeable remote controller along with a transmitter with large LCD display. It also features a small, lightweight, fully waterproof, and a rechargeable collar receiver. Additionally, this e-collar provides warning tones, humane static pulse stimulation (not shock) along with 8 adjustable levels of vibrations to use in conjunction with 3 corrections or combinations with or without verbal commands.
  • RUGGED CONSTRUCTION, FULL IPX7 WATERPROOF,90 DAY STANDBY TIME: This collar receiver has integrated rugged construction and is fully submersible and waterproof. The beauty of GROOVYPETS 650 Yard Remote Dog Training Shock Collar is that your dog can wear it for any outdoor training. Additionally, it has a rechargeable battery with a standby time of up to whooping 90 Days and 40 days of normal use with a single full battery thanks to patented signal wake-up technology. One last thing is that after one minute the collar will hibernate and will instantly become active once you push a button on the remote.
  • REMOTE CONTROLLER WATERPROOF 650 YARD IPX5: This super collar has a build-in light indicator in order for you to see your dog easily at night or in dark places. This collar is also great for hunting, field trips and outdoor training.
  • HUMANE FOOLPROOF SAFETY-LOCK FEATURE: Another great things about this device is that once the button is held for more than 10 seconds, the collar is programmed to stop vibrations or shock. Hence, it provides you with a peace of mind when your dog carries it for training or along.

Product description GROOVYPETS 650 Yard Remote Dog Training Shock Collar:


KEY FACTS: Collar w/strap weighs 3 OZ/85g, receiver size 2.5”x1.5”x1”(6.35cmx3.81cmx2.54cm) Adjustable strap length to fit 10”-24” neck size, IPX 7 waterproof; Signal wake-up technology; battery indicator, super long battery life (up to 40 days). Remote Controller/Transmitter: 2OZ/55g, size 5.5” (including antenna) x2”x0.75”/14cmx5cmx2cm, IPX 5 waterproof. Control to two dogs individually or both at the same time at your fingertips.

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