GYJ Dog Agility Jumping Training Equipment- Detachable Hoop Rings

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GYJ Dog Agility Jumping Training Equipment- Detachable Hoop Rings

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  • GYJ Dog Agility Jumping Training Equipment It helps you and your dog exercise and be in great shape by inspiring interactive fun with your dog; one of the benefits of this kit is that it fosters the relationship between you and your furry friend.

  • Steadiness on the grass- This jumping kit contains a 12 cm metal pile at the bottom of the pole that can be inserted into the grass which makes the equipment immoble.
  • Soft Plastic Ring-The purpose of this soft ring is to avoid hurting your dog.  For small, medium and large dogs, the jumper can also be oval.
  • HEIGHT MEASUREMENTS– The GYJ Dog Agility Jumping Training Equipment can be adjusted freely, it is detachable and easy to carry and stored. The jumper has 6 positions that can be adjusted and it can reach a height between 30 to 80 cm.
  • 100% Satisfaction – If you decide to purchase this training equipment, we believe it will not disappoint you. You will be greatly satisfied, so all you have to do is put this on the shopping cart. 

Product description GYJ Dog Agility Jumping Training Equipment:

Adjustable height
Bags are available in portable packaging
Inspire interactive fun
Promote the health and well-being of your dog

Material: Plastic
Weight: 1.18kg
Dimensions: Vertical rod: Length 101cm* Width: 3cm Metal insert 12cm Crossbar: Length 61* Width 3cm

Two vertical rod
Two crossbar
One plastic ring


1. Place the plastic ring low enough and walk slowly walk your dog across the ring. Practice this exercise many times with treats on your hand.

2. When see you see that you dog understand your commands, you can gradually raise the plastic ring higher and of course with your treats on your hands

IF you are further interested in training your furry friend to jump check out this video for basic jumping skills.

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