Houseables 18 Ft Long Dog Tunnel Agility Equipment-24" Diameter Tunnel

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Houseables 18 Ft Long Dog Tunnel Agility Equipment-24" Diameter Tunnel

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  • The Houseables 18 Ft Long Dog Tunnel Agility Equipment is one of the most popular products on the internet today, and it’s one of the best tools to train your dog to reach its potential.

  • REGULATION SIZE– 18’ long coiled shaped shifting tube with 24” diameter double ended. It is AKC and NADAC compliant, has been modeled after found in obstacle courses at special dog events. Our tunnel is recommended for small to mid-size dogs weighing between 80 to 90 pounds.
  • DURABLE MATERIAL- Included in this tunnel training set are 10 anti-rust zinc plated 7” stakes that inserted to the sides of the tunnels to stake on the ground for stability purposes. You don’t have to worry because the downward angled tops of the states will not be sticking out of the ground and cause harm to your dog. It’s safe.
  • CONSTANT TRAINING-  The Houseables 18 Ft Long Dog Tunnel Agility Equipment is a great source for cultivating your dog’s skills such as obedience, quickness, and dexterity and his overall health lifestyle. There are different ways you can use this powerful, portable tunnel such as casual play, exercise, and some agility training while having fun with your dog. Furthermore, it is a perfect way to burn lots of energy from your dog by playing chase, fetch, and even hide-and-seek, plus much more.
  • PORTABLE-  Our training set arrives in a convenient carrying case with dual nylon black handles at the top for easy transport. The tunnel will expand immediately to its fullest length. When training is complete, you can quickly fold it back together when you are done with training. The great thing about this tunnel is that it can be set up on multiple locations such as inside the house, backyard, beach or the park.

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