iYoShop 360 Swivel Dual Dog Training Leash-Tangle Free Dog Leash


iYoShop 360 Swivel Dual Dog Training Leash-Tangle Free Dog Leash

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Brand: IyoShop

  • The iYoShop 360 Swivel Dual Dog Training Leash is a durable climbing rope leash with double bungee extension for medium and large dogs

  • HEAVY DUTY DESIGN-  The iYoShop 360 Swivel Dual Dog Training Leash made out of woven nylon bungee extension which makes the dog leash more durable and lightweight, heavy duty and easy to clean
  • The iYoShop Advantage: 1/2 Inch X 35.5 inch rope leash + double bungee extension (20 inches – 35 inches)
  • TANGLE DESIGN– Is a 360 swivel clasp with an integrated mechanism auto adjusting system when dogs criss cross each other to prevent tangling, there are no limitations for your dog side to side movements without messing the leash
  • ABSORBING BUNGEE EXTENSION- The unique bungee design aids to absorb shock for quick movements when walking energetic and active dogs, it alleviates the feeling of being pulled. The bungee has length that can extend between 20 to 35 inch with a strong pull, which can provide your dogs with enough space in front or next to you
  • Comfort Padded Handles: Features soft padded handles for amazing comfortable shock grip, and protects your hand from rope burn

Product Description iYoShop 360 Swivel Dual Training Leash

Twice the Fun, Half the Hassle

Durable Climbing Rope Leash with Double Bungee Extension for Medium and Large Dogs

If you have more than one dog, you’ve probably experienced the hassle of walking with two leashes; unless your dogs are extremely polite on their walks, the leads almost inevitably get tangled up. Or, as one dog moves off to do his business or the other stops to sniff something delicious, it can get really awkward trying to manage two leashes.

iYoShop double leash may be just the solution

  • No Tangle: it gives each dog room to move without the leads becoming tangled
  • Confortable: padded handle provides a very comfortable grip
  • Bungee-style: it stretches just enough to give each dog some room, but acts as a shock absorber for you, should one dog (or both) pull suddenly. The single lead allows you to keep one hand free, too

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