LANNEY Hands Free Dog Training Walking Leash-Adjustable Waist Belt



LANNEY Hands Free Dog Training Walking Leash-Adjustable Waist Belt

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Brand: Lanney

  • SHOCK ABSORBING BUNGEE- The flexible LANNEY Hands Free Dog Training Walking Leash is awesome because it reduces stress when pulling and tugging, it also absorbs any sudden drastic movements of your dog. Additionally, the length of a relax leash is 49” but it can stretch or extend up to 69”, provided there is enough space available for your pooch to wander. However, if your dog does wander, you have the collar handle to have more direct control over the direction of your dog.

  • WAIST BELT AND D-RINGS- Our Nylon waist belt made for comfortable use with a 1.1” width. The waist belt also adjusts between 27” to 46” to fit various ranges of waist sizes. Furthermore, the belt had dual D-Rings where you can attach a leash clip on one ring and a second leash to another ring.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONS- One of the great features of the waist belt, you are able to control your pet with your weight rather than getting your arm yanked off. You are able to be a multi-tasker such as talk on your phone, carry a drink, and simultaneously walk with your kiddo. It carries an extra pouch design to store a supply of poop bags, keys, phone, or credit cards or other personal items. 
  • Another great feature on this LANNEY Hands Free Dog Training Walking Leash design with 3 seams of reflective stitching throughout the leash to increase visibility on dark places, it will also increase safety when walking your dog early in the morning or evening. There are several ways to use the dog leash, you can attach the leash to the D-rings, or have the leash on your hand, you can also use it as a normal leash, shoulder leash, double leash, or even training leash.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY- Our LANNEY Hands Free Dog Training Walking Leash is made of premium quality with durable nylon and premium metal clips. The leash is designed to withstand outdoor elements and repeatedly used year after year. Additionally, our leash can be used on a variety of dog medium, large, and strong dogs.

Product description Lanney Hands Free Dog Training Walking Leash

Color: Multi-Colors

When running, walking or hiking with your dog, it’s inconvenient to hold a leash in hand.
With this hands free leash, you can freely use your phone, carry equipment without feeling restrained by dog’s movements.
No more exhausting arms and back pain!
Reflective stitching on belt, leash and waist pouch provides greater visibility and safety in low light.

1.1″ wide for ergonomic, comfortable wear.
Adjusts from 27″ to 46″ to fit a large range of waist sizes.
With dual D-ring clips, you can position dog to your personal preference,attach multiple dog leash or accessories.

Size 6.8″ x 0.8″ x 4″ (L x W x H)
Keys, phones and other accessories are ready for your convenience.
Detachable and easy to slide on or off the belt.
Silicone poop bag dispenser on the back.


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