Lord Anson Dog Agility Jumping Equipment Set- Tunnel Weave Poles

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Lord Anson Dog Agility Jumping Equipment Set- Tunnel Weave Poles


Brand: Lord Anson

  • Lord Anson Dog Agility Jumping Equipment Set – Has been one of the best and popular dog training products in the internet simply because is designed and tested by a team of experienced dog owners as well as designers to bring the best experience for you and your dog. Your dog will thank you when you purchase this awesome product.

  • THE PERFECT DOG AGILITY SET – The Lord Anson Dog Agility Set is a great starter set for those looking to create a dog obstacle course at a low cost. The set comes with an adjustable dog agility jump (up to 39″ height), a 6 pole dog weave pole set (39″ height), a dog agility tunnel (23.5″ Dia. x 16 ft length), and convenient carrying cases for easy training on the go.
  • SIX AGILITY WEAVE POLES- This training set has weave poles that are 39” long to provide a diversity of training options regardless of the size of your dog. Each weave pole contains a metal spike at the end of the pole to provide stability and endurance during dog training. You can adjust the spacing between the poles depending on the level of training of your furry friend. When using in hard ground, twisting the poles from the bottom helps to release the spike from the ground when removing at the end of training.
  • DOG TUNNEL- The Lord Anson Dog Agility Jumping Equipment Set contains a tunnel that has great source for mental stimulation for your active dog. Each tunnel length features 23.5” wide opening that have enough space for multiple dogs and puppies of all sizes. On each side of the tunnel metal grommets can be placed properly to secure the tunnel on the ground to remain steady. It also contains a carry case with every tunnel for easy use on  the go training.
  • ADJUSTABLE DOG JUMP-  This training set also contains an agility hurdle jump fully adjustable up to 39” in height. This training set is a multi-purpose jump set for training your dog for upcoming events, rehabilitating an older dog or injured dog, having mere training fun with your dog at the park or home, the Lord Anson Dog Agility Jumping Equipment Set delivers quality and performance that you can trust.

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