Lord AnsonTM Dog Agility Hurdle Jumping Cone Set- Agility Training Set

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Lord AnsonTM Dog Agility Hurdle Jumping Cone Set- Agility Training Set


Brand: Lord Anson


  • Lord Anson™ Dog Agility Weave Poles set- Has been one of the best and popular dog training products in the internet simply because is designed and tested by a team of experienced dog owners as well as designers to bring the best experience for you and your dog. Your dog will thank you when you purchase this awesome product.

  • HEAVY DUTY CONES- When it comes to quality, Lord Anson is the way to go for your agility cone set. Its a strong molded based that provides stability, secure fit, in order to avoid the agility rods from sliding around during dog training. he cones stack for easy transport and storage and separate easily for quick set up. The rods contain a heavy-duty threats which can be broken down and set-up easy.
  • AGILITY RODS-  The Lord AnsonTM Dog Agility Hurdle Jumping Cone Set contain agility rods that are 5 Ft long that provides a variety of training options to the owner regardless of the size of your dog. We have found that other thinner rods become warped and bent during training. Lord Anson cone set are high-quality, thick gauge, to ensure stability throughout training.
  • MEASUREMENTS- Each agility cone can reach a height of 21” and it contains 4 hole placements in order to set up the cones for different jumping heights. When it comes to the agility rods, they can be set up at different height levels such as 5”, 9”, 13”, and 17” depending on the training session and the size of the dog. The agility rods slide through the holes in the cone to adjust the width of the hurdle. The large blue agility cones also work well for obedience training and other agility drills such as the weave.
  • BENEFITS-  Here are some benefits for using the Lord AnsonTM Dog Agility Hurdle Jumping Cone Set. The cone set is great for agility, rehabilitation, and obedience training. Additionally, the training equipment can be used for other purposes in addition to agility training such as training your dog for upcoming shows, having leisure time with your dog, rehabilitate injured and older dogs. The Lord AnsonTM Dog Agility Hurdle Jumping Cone Set delivers quality and performance that you can trust.

Here is a 30″ lead that you might be interested that you can use while performaning agility training with your dog.

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