Perrama Yellow Dog Treat Training Pouch Training Clicker Set-Pouch Kit

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Perrama Yellow Dog Treat Training Pouch Training Clicker Set-Pouch Kit

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Color: Red, Blue, and Yellow

  • OUR PET, OUR FAMILY is not just a random motto but a principle we hold dearly and we had in mind when we created the Perrama Yellow Dog Treat Training Pouch Training Clicker Set. With its high quality designed it can secure and hold a vast amount of dog treats, and dog play toys as well. The training set also contains a training clicker and one bowl for your dog use during training. 

  • DOG TREAT POUCH- A dog treat pouch can be our life saver in certain circumstances when training a dog, and we the dog owners it’s imperative to know the importance of having a training pouch available any time. One way to know if you have a great dog treat pouch is knowing how well your dog and your personal essentials fit and organized inside the bag. WIth this dog treat bag, there are two pockets, one large compartment, and one poop bag dispenser.
  • DOGS LOVE TO HAVE A JOB- Dogs love when their owners keep them active on a daily basis with great training in the park, or simply strolling down your neighborhood. Whatever option you choose, you can be sure that your dog will be happy, and in addition, Perrama Yellow Dog Treat Training Pouch Training Clicker Set provides multi-wear options. Designed two adjustable straps and one belt clip. It can be carried on the shoulders, as treat waist pouch, or attached to the belt.
  • ADDITIONAL BENFITS- One additional benefit of the Perrama treat pouch is that you can store your personal belongings such as smartphone, money, keys in a zippered pouch front mesh netting. Plus, because it is small and lightweight, is not an inconvenience to have it along with. It will definitely make training and walks with your dog more fun, plus it features a reflecting straps to keep you safe during the night.
  • VALUED CUSTOMER- For all our customers, we guarantee our dog treat pouch with full 100% MONEY Back if you think that the product is simply not working for you and your dog training. Lastly, the training treat pouch comes with a e-book training guide for you to know our product very well.

Product description

  • Easy-access drawstring closure
  • Large compartment for dog toys & treats
  • Main zip pocket for valuables
  • Front mesh netting for small objects
  • Built-in poop bag dispenser
  • Sturdy zippers and stitching


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