Sun Grow Dog Training Wrist Band Clickers- Multi Color Training Tool

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Sun Grow Dog Training Wrist Band Clickers- Multi Color Training Tool

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  • EFFECTIVE SOUND TRAINING — The durable, plastic and extremely portable SunGrow Dog Training Clicker functions perfectly as a useful sound training tool. You are able to train your dog recall commands, rollover, fetch, with the new Sun Grow Dog Training Wristband Clickers. To be most effective with your dog is to be consistent in your training, having multiple clickers in different places so that at any moment you train your dog. The dog clicker is extremely useful in training

  • NEVER BE WITHOUT ONE –Here are some areas to store you clicker such as kitchen, living room, backyard, in your car trunk and any other strategic place you can think of. It’s practical as well as economical. With seven SunGrow Dog Clickers, you will never miss a chance to train your pet. Just click and train your pet in this positive, easy way with big buickers.
  • KEYCHAIN AND WRIST ATTACHMENT — The ergonomic design of Sungrow Dog Clicker makes it comfortable and secure. It is attached to a standard keychain ring and elastic bracelet. It can be secure multiple ways like wearing it on the wrist, you can hang it up, or even attach it to your handbag to avoid losing it and have quick access to the clicker. Wrist attachment makes it more comfortable and easier to hold onto, than box clickers when training your pet.
  • MULTI-COLORS- The Sun Grow Dog Training Wristband Clickers come in a variety of different colors such as green, red, orange, blue, purple and more. The pack of seven lightweight training clickers come in an assortment of bright and vibrant colors. This can trigger your dog to be happy and able to communicate better with you. Clickers are great gift for training puppies and young adult dogs!
  • SMALL SIZE- To eliminate confusion on your new puppies, the Sun Grow Dog Training Wristband Clickers are designed to conveniently fit in your palm of your hand to eliminate unnecessary complications. Dogs and puppies that are being newly trained may get confused if they see what is making the noise. They might confuse the audible signal with a visual cue in that case. The clicker was also designed with a more gentle and softer sound to be more suitable for dog’s ears during training.

Tips for Sun Grow Dog Training Wrist Band Clickers:

  1. Recommended to train your dog in environment with less noise
  2. You can start training your puppy when he/she reaches 3 month of age.
  3.  Patience is a key to having a well train dog, and just wait for your dog to make the right disciplines.
  4. The best way to reward your dog is through positive reinforcement such as a cookie or praise
  5. You dog training should be consistent in order to see positive results.

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