Zuke's Natural Dog Training Treats- Made USA Natural Ingredients


Zuke's Natural Dog Training Treats- Made USA Natural Ingredients

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Brand: ZUKE

Style: Chuck Recipe

  • The Zuke’s Natural Dog Training Treats comes from Durango, Colorado with wholesome, tender mini bites for all your adventures Dog training
  • CALORIES- The Zuke’s dog treat contains less than 3 calories per treat, which makes them ideal for dog training
  • Ingredient # 1- The treats are soft, tender and chewy made with chicken as the number 1 real ingredient
  • Additional Ingredients- Aside from chicken, these treats contain cherries and tumeric to help maintain and keep a healthy lifestyle
  • OTHER BENEFITS – This product contains no corn, wheat, or artificial flavors and colors
  • Made in the USA using the Earth’s best ingredients

Product description Zuke’s Natural Dog Training Treats

Size:16 oz  | Style:Chicken Recipe

Training with your dog will be one of the challenging and adventurous times you and your dog will have together. And of course with the right treat, you can always keep each training event fun and delicious. When you start training your puppy, treats are the magic tool that you will need in order to shape your dog’s behaviors and it really does wonder in your dog’s life.


With these dog treats, you may want to add some dog clicker in order to spice up some of your dog’s training. Check them out!